Sylvia Plath


The Story of Sylvia Plath, a Writer Who Shouldn't Be Defined by Her Death

"[She was] always hurtling towards destruction,” historian Alexis Coe says, “but that’s only because we knew how her story ends.”
Bianca Betancourt

Muncie Girls Reckon with Personal Woes on the Brash Indie of "Falling Down"

The Exeter, UK, punk band remain political—and critical—on their sophomore record 'Fixed Ideals' while showing us what personally makes them tick.
Sarah MacDonald

A Sylvia Plath Retrospective Finally Puts Her Visual Art on Display

Little known fact: Plath was an art major before she switched to English.
Cailey Rizzo
50 states of art

Artist Laura Amphlett Hides the Desert's Magic in Collaged Boxes | #50StatesofArt

Divination, inspiration, and the magic hidden in plain sight in Arizona.
Emerson Rosenthal

We Spoke With Author Alana Massey About What Lil’ Kim and Anjelica Huston Have in Common

In her debut book of essays, 'All the Lives I Want,' Massey weaves her own history with the lives of many women, fictional and real, forming a unique cultural critique.
Sarah Hagi

Can't Stand the Heat: Female Artists' Scalding Depictions of Life in the Kitchen

From 19th-century painters to contemporary video artists, women have interpreted their fraught relationship to the quintessential domestic space as everything from empowering to violently oppressive.
Anna Pacheco

Mo Kenney's "Mountains to the Mess" Is Sensually Refreshing

Her sultry vocals and the guitar’s fuzzy, tortured whine makes “Mountains to the Mess” a sexy, mysterious song.
Annalise Domenighini

Remembering Sarah Kane, the Playwright Who Changed British Theater Forever

Since she's finally been awarded the ultimate recognition—one of her plays being shown at the National Theatre in London—we thought it was time to celebrate the life and work of Sarah Kane.
Hannah Ewens

Cooking with Sylvia Plath Was Exhausting

I left the butcher store with a $93 leg of lamb that weighed in at 7.1 pounds—the exact weight of my son at birth!—and set home to cook my Plath-inspired dinner so I could blog about it. After devouring the meal, the only remnants of the night included...
Kelsey Osgood