These Are Not the Droids You're Looking For

I Talked to Four Humanoid Robots and They’re Mostly Dumb as Doornails

"Human relationships can be hard to define."
Zoltan Istvan

Wine Hackers Are Making Wine Without Grapes or Fermentation

This is how Northern California startup Ava winery is sidestepping grapes and fermentation entirely—and trying to replicate Dom Pérignon in the process.
Nick Rose

Visualize the Beauty of Vibration with Massive Paintings

In ‘Sympathetic Strings,’ New York-based artist David Mann explores the concept of strings that vibrate when other strings are plucked.
DJ Pangburn
daily vice

Watch the Story Behind the LSD Substitute NBOMe on Today's 'Daily VICE'

​We meet a guy who tries smart drugs on YouTube, hit the road with metal legends Corrosion of Conformity, talk to an FBI agent who went undercover for decade, and more.
Daily VICE

Soaking It Up With Menstrual Sea Sponges

Looking into the growing trend of managing periods with porous objects that are technically animals.
Naeun Kim
crime & drugs

'Operation Cyber Juice' Shuts Down Underground Steroid Labs Across US

the operation, which spanned almost five months, resulted in 90 arrests and the seizure of 1,400 pounds of raw steroid powder.

Fake, Drug-Test-Foiling Dicks Are a Growing Business in Queensland

You need to be clean for 72 hours to give a drug-free urine sample. Unless you have a fake dick and pee, then you can do whatever you want.
Dan Nulley

Scientists Have Figured Out How to Get Almost Infinite Flavor from One Grapefruit

An aromatic compound from grapefruit has tons of applications, from flavoring to insect repellant, and now we can get gallons and gallons from just a single piece of fruit.
Hilary Pollack

What’s the Latest with the Vajankle, the Sex Toy Shaped Like a Foot?

Despite a flurry of media attention, the company that makes them has probably sold fewer than 100 Vajankles to date.
Ralph Jones
crime & drugs

Teens Are Buying Sketchy Human Growth Hormones Online to Get Perfect Bodies

A report released on Wednesday found that teen HGH use has more than doubled in the past two years, with most of it coming from China.
Mary Emily O'Hara
Motherboard Blog

The White House Hosted a Google Hangout to Find the Next Real-Life Superhero Tech

Invisibility cloaks, synthetic skin, and Batman-esque grappling hooks were on display as the White House used social media to introduce the world to the weapons of the future.
Erik Franco

Russian Street Gangs Are Hunting Down Dealers of Synthetic Weed

It's part hooliganism, part street justice, part public shaming, and all fucked.
Brian Anderson