Syria conflict


Putin is trying to downplay the deaths of Russian mercenaries in Syria

Russian mercenaries suffered up to 300 casualties as a result of U.S. airstrikes against pro-Assad forces last week, now Putin’s opponents have seized on the issue to hammer him.


The War Next Door Won't Stop Turkey's Assyrian Winemakers

Turkey’s tiny Christian Assyrian community continues to produce wine the way it has for thousands of years, despite political turmoil and war just across the border in Syria.


Russia and the US are arguing over who killed a top ISIS leader

The countries are both claiming responsibility for the airstrike in Syria that killed Mohamed al-Adnani, the Islamic State's chief spokesman.


The US is pissing off everyone in northern Syria

America's NATO ally Turkey is fighting US-backed Kurdish forces in northern Syria in the wake of mixed messages sent by the US amid the fight against the Islamic State.


Making Wine, Not War, in Lebanon

"We bring grape samples by taxi from Syria to decide when to harvest there," says Karim Saadé, a winemaker based in Lebanon who sources grapes from across the border. "We’ve adapted to the situation."


Rebel Advance in Aleppo Countryside Sparks Fierce Fighting, Airstrikes

Dozens of air strikes hit near the town of Khan Touman, which rebels took from forces loyal to the government and its ally Iran late on Thursday.


The Syrian Regime Is Blocking Aid to Hundreds of Thousands in Dire Need, Despite Ceasefire

Syria humanitarian task force coordinator Jan Egeland said he was "disappointed and disheartened" at delays and outright denial of access for humanitarian convoys in the past week.


What We Know So Far About the Brussels Attacks

Belgian authorities are searching for a suspect who they believe took part in the attacks that killed at least 34 people and injured more than 100.


The Syrian Ceasefire Is Held Together by an Unlikely Group of Frenemies — and WhatsApp

Syria's ceasefire is shaky, but, for the most part, holding, thanks to an international effort that has been more successful than anyone ever thought possible.


The Falafel-Makers of the Zaatari Refugee Camp

In the second-largest refugee camp in the world, Syrians are making do by cooking falafel and ful while they wait to return home.


The US and Russia Just Brokered a Ceasefire in Syria — But No Syrians Have Signed on Yet

The agreement aims for a cessation of hostilities to begin on Saturday, February 27 at midnight local time, but still requires armed actors, including the government of Bashar al-Assad and its allies, and an assortment of armed rebel groups, to get on...


US and Russia Bicker Over Ceasefire in Syria as Aid Fails to Reach Besieged Areas

The UN's human rights office said that residents of besieged Moadamiya had not in fact received aid that was reportedly delivered last week.