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The War Next Door Won't Stop Turkey's Assyrian Winemakers

Turkey’s tiny Christian Assyrian community continues to produce wine the way it has for thousands of years, despite political turmoil and war just across the border in Syria.
Didem Tali

Making Wine, Not War, in Lebanon

"We bring grape samples by taxi from Syria to decide when to harvest there," says Karim Saadé, a winemaker based in Lebanon who sources grapes from across the border. "We’ve adapted to the situation."
Amy E. Robertson

The Falafel-Makers of the Zaatari Refugee Camp

In the second-largest refugee camp in the world, Syrians are making do by cooking falafel and ful while they wait to return home.
Lucie de la Héronnière
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The Syrian-Lebanese Cuisine of the Appalachian City Whose Mayor Doesn't Want Refugees

In November, Roanoke mayor David Bowers cited Japanese internment camps as a reason why the city shouldn’t accept Syrian refugees, completely disregarding the culinary contributions of the many Syrians who migrated here over the past century.
Mason Adams

The Starving Syrian Town of Madaya Is Finally Getting Food Aid

Madaya, 25 kilometers northwest of Damascus and 11 kilometers from the Lebanese border, has been besieged by Syrian forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and the Lebanese militia Hezbollah since July. Cut off from access to food, some residents in...
Wyatt Marshall
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Eating Inside a Syrian Refugee Camp in Germany

At Benjamin Franklin Village—a refugee camp in Mannheim, Germany—displaced Syrians make do with cafeteria-style food, grill wieners on smuggled hot plates, and try to make some semblance of a normal life.
Lorena Rios

The Refugee Restaurants of Cairo

Just outside Cairo is a neighborhood known as Little Damascus, filled with refugees who fled Syria after the outbreak of civil war in 2011.
Edmund Bower