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An Entire 21-Ton Airdrop of Food for a Besieged Syrian Town Has Been Lost

The pallets contained lentils, vegetable oil, rice, and salt, and could have fed 2,500 people for a month (there are currently 200,000 people living in Deir al-Zour).
Wyatt Marshall
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Syria's Wheat Fields Are Being Decimated by the War

If you think things are bad now, just wait, because Syria is having its worst wheat harvest this year since the 1960s. And that means serious trouble.
Alex Swerdloff

You Can Now Help Feed Refugees with Your Phone

The WFP has launched an app that lets users donate 50 cents to feed a child refugee from Syria for a day.
Wyatt Marshall

ISIS Is Trying to Lure British Recruits with Cappuccinos

A British man who joined ISIS fighters in Syria has written a “guide” to the Islamic State, including extensive detail about "some of the best lattes and cappuccinos around."
Phoebe Hurst

Burgers Took the Edge Off My Encounter with Syrian Rebel Fighters

While in Aleppo filming for a documentary, my crew and I were invited to the hotel of a group of al-Nusra fighters. Being polite (and cautious) guests, we accepted their offer to stay for dinner.
Syrian conflict

What It's Like to Cook in a Syrian Refugee Camp

In the Kahramanmaras camp in Turkey, Syrian refugees are able to recreate a small piece of home through their cooking, thanks to an innovative voucher and supermarket system by the World Food Programme.
Lauren Rothman and Matthew Zuras

Could Bread Decide the Outcome of the Syrian War?

Along with forced starvation and chemical warfare, the Assad regime has a surprising weapon in its wartime arsenal: bread.
Lauren Rothman