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UNICEF Is Asking Gamers to Mine Cryptocurrency for Syrian Children

Graphics cards are good for more than games.
Matthew Gault
refugee crisis

From Calais Gas Stove to London Kitchen: A Syrian Refugee Chef’s Story

Imad Alarnab owned two restaurants in Damascus before being forced to flee for Europe, where he spent two months in a Calais camp cooking with one knife and a tiny stove. Now in London, he wants to share the food of his homeland.
Johanna Derry

Bassel and The Supernaturals Face Syria's Urgent Crisis with Timeless Soul

Syrian-American musician Bassel Almadani translates his grief into soul, funk, and activism; stream his emotional new album
Beverly Bryan

After Escaping War, Syrian Refugees Are Left Facing ‘Silent Killers'

Non-communicable diseases like diabetes are prevalent among some refugee communities.
Kaleigh Rogers

Lindsay Lohan Thinks She Can Save Syrian Refugees by Giving Them Energy Drinks

Maybe they’d like some molly and strobe lighting to go with that?
Alex Swerdloff

How Scientists Are Ensuring Syria’s Seeds Survive War and Climate Change

Between climate change and war, Syrian agricultural history and diversity are under unprecedented threat. Here’s a glimpse into the ways that scientists are working around the clock to ensure that the country's seed diversity doesn’t get wiped out...
Emma Beals

How Syrian Bakers Are Making Bread Against All Odds

Even in a time of war, Syrians' high standards for bread are uncompromising. Bakers have implemented unique techniques to provide the daily bread under conflict.
Emma Beals

The Struggle of Female-Led Syrian Refugee Households

Some Syrian women, who turned into widows or single parents since the war, have tried to reassemble their lives, readjusting hopes and goals to fit a harsh new reality. Here is one story of a women-led household—a rare occurrence in the Middle East...
Maya Gebeily

Syrian Children Become Young Breadwinners in Jordan

Three months ago, a car mechanic in the Jordan Valley decided to do a neighboring Syrian family a favor. From 8 AM to 8 PM, six days a week, their eldest son, 12-year-old Abdullah, could toil in his shop, in heat that locals describe as "fire." The boy...
Elizabeth Whitman

These Guys Faked a Wedding to Smuggle Refugees and Filmed It

On November 14, their journey began. A fake wedding party of 23 people—mostly strangers to one another—left Italy on foot and headed southward through the mountains to France, a path that would ensure they could avoid the strict border controls between...
Mat Nashed