Syrian Observatory for Human Rights


The battle for Syria's Aleppo just went through a chaotic 48 hours

Syrian rebels cut the main supply route to the part of the city held by the regime, and Assad's army is fighting back hard.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Clint Eastwood backs Trump for president, the Supreme Court allows a school to impose the trans bathroom bill, and more.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Hillary Clinton makes history as the first female presidential nominee of a major US political party, President Obama says he couldn't rule out Russia's involvement in the DNC email leak, and more.


Syrian military sent texts to civilians telling them to leave rebel-held Aleppo

The messages came as the Syrian government has cut off rebel-held Aleppo from the outside world, potentially trapping the 250,000 people who live there in a violent siege without food, medicine, and other staples.


Dozens of civilians reportedly killed by US-led coalition airstrikes in Syria

Human rights groups say US-led coalition airstrikes killed at least 56 civilians in and around the besieged city of Manbij in northern Syria on Monday and Tuesday.


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This morning, the Orlando nightclub shooter was on the FBI's radar, LA police have stopped a man headed to Pride with a car full of weapons, South Korea stops a North Korean cyber attack, and more.


Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Bombing Near Shiite Shrine in Damascus

State television showed debris, mangled cars and wrecked shops in a main commercial thoroughfare near the Sayeda Zeinab shrine in a Damascus suburb.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Bernie Sanders denies Hillary Clinton has won the Democratic nomination, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives in DC, Axl Rose asks Google to remove "fat" photos of him, and more.


Airstrikes on the Rebel-held City of Idlib Have Killed at Least 23 Syrians

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Russian warplanes targeted civilian areas around the city's national hospital and other neighborhoods held by a coalition of hardline Islamist rebel groups.


60,000 People Have Died in Assad's Prisons During Syria's War, Monitoring Group Says

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it arrived at the number by adding up death tolls provided by sources in several Syrian jails and security agencies.


Islamic State Militants Stormed a Government Hospital in Syria and Killed the Troops Inside

Fighters also reportedly seized control of a checkpoint, a fire station, and university accommodation in Deir al-Zor, not far from Syria's eastern border with Iraq.