McDonald's Won't Say the Words 'Rick and Morty' in Its 'Rick and Morty' Podcast

The perfect coda to the strange saga of the Szechuan sauce.
Matthew Gault

Mapo Doufu Recipe

Why order Chinese takeout when it's this easy to make at home?
Carolyn Phillips

How-To: Make Koji Fried Chicken with Angela Dimayuga

Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food in NYC shows us how to make perfectly crispy fried chicken using koji—a.k.a. fermented rice.
Angela Dimayuga
Fast Food

White Castle's Sichuan Tofu Slider Might Be the Best Fast Food Burger Ever

It's a perfect balance of 'Rick and Morty' and 'Harold and Kumar.'
Sam Gaskin
Chinese food

My Szechuan Restaurant Is So Spicy That a Customer Called The Cops on Me

Everyone handles spice differently. I invented a heat index scale for my restaurant, Han Dynasty, so that people don't send dishes back to the kitchen, one of the biggest cultural insults in China.
Han Chiang

How Eating Spicy Foods Can Help You Cheat Death

A seven-year study has found that regularly eating chili peppers can reduce your risk of early death by about 14 percent. Bring on the Cholula.
Hilary Pollack

China's New App Brings Chefs to Cook in Your Home

In Beijing, a city packed with affordable eateries, another life upgrade has arrived. Hao Chushi, which translates as ‘good cook’, is an app that lets you summon a professional chef to your home, where they will cook for you and also clean up after...
Jamie Fullerton
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Go Listen to Nine Inch Nails and Put Some Mayo on Your Greens

Make like Angela Dimayuga, the executive chef of Mission Chinese Food, and get on a psychedelic level when it comes to dressing your baby bok choy.
Munchies Staff

Chef's Night Out: Han Dynasty

Han Chiang of the Han Dynasty restaurant empire takes us out for spice, spice, and more spice in Philadelphia, from sizzling hot wings to scorching barbacoa.
Han Chiang

Huang's World: Chengdu, Part 3

Eddie learns the subtleties of Sichuan cooking from master chef Yu, visits the sculpture factory of artist Deng Le, and climbs into a treehouse parlor to discover Taiwanese tea-pouring.
Eddie Huang
New York

In My Words: Danny Bowien

Take a peek as we dive headfirst into the world of Danny Bowien, critically acclaimed chef and co-founder of Mission Chinese Food and Mission Cantina in San Francisco and New York City.
Danny Bowien