Chipotle Deviled Eggs Recipe

Spice up your next party with these perfectly smoky bites.


Cajun-Style Baked Eggs Recipe

A ton of cream, some cheese curds, and andouille sausage: this is how you bake your eggs in New Orleans.


MUNCHIES Presents: The Home of Hot Sauce

A visit to Tabasco's Home of Hot Sauce in Avery Island, Louisiana, hosted by Matty Matheson.


Classic Calgary Caesar Recipe

Canada's own hangover cocktail, the Caesar, is packed with flavor and is the perfect hair of the dog to get you back on your feet.


Blackened Chicken Wings Recipe

Not that many great things come from Buffalo, New York, but these sure do.


Grilled Hispi Cabbage Recipe

Charred cabbage is never a bad idea, especially when you cover it in cheese and hot sauce-soaked breadcrumbs.


How Understanding the Genetic Past of Peppers Can Make the Future Better

New genetic studies are shedding more light on the fiery fruit that has been the source of our species’ ambivalent relationship with heat and food.


Mexico's Booming Business of Producing Babies for Foreigners Is About To Go Bust

International surrogacy agencies flocked the southern state of Tabasco after it became more difficult to operate in India in 2012. Now changes in the law restricting the practice to heterosexual Mexicans mean they are looking for another base again.


Mexican Robbers Might Have No Idea What They're Taking in Radioactive Material Thefts

After the fourth such robbery since 2013, officials insist thieves are targeting vehicles, not the radioactive material inside them. A truck stolen this week in Tabasco was found, but the capsule of Iridium-192 it carried is still missing.


Smokey Barbecued Ox Cheeks with Autumn Slaw Recipe

Tender ox cheeks in a hearty sauce are complimented with a refreshing autumnal golden beet and fennel slaw.


I Didn’t Get Heartburn at the Tabasco Factory

I'd always wanted to visit the Tabasco’s headquarters so I made the pilgrimage to Avery Island, where the hot stuff factory sits in the middle of a swamp.