Does It Belong In a Museum?

eBay, Organized Crime, and Evangelical Christians: The Ethical Minefield of Studying Ancient Civilizations

Iraqi artifacts smuggled into the US by Hobby Lobby contain new evidence of a lost Sumerian city, and have scholars divided over whether to study the looted relics.
Sarah Emerson
Culture Looted

Ancient Artifacts Smuggled by Hobby Lobby Traced to Mysterious Sumerian City

Some of the 5,500 stolen artifacts purchased by Hobby Lobby are believed to have originated in the long-lost city of Irisagrig.
Sarah Emerson

The Company That Waited Decades for the Touchscreen Revolution

How the stylus-controlled graphics tablet, most notably produced by Japanese firm Wacom, helped shape our multitouch-friendly world—even if that shaping took a little while.
Ernie Smith
hidden agenda

One of 2017’s Most Overlooked Games, ‘Hidden Agenda,’ Hits October 24

The developers of ‘Until Dawn’ have worked up a very cool social game.
Patrick Klepek
ipad art

iPad Painting Keeps an Artist Creating Despite Illness

Michèle Brown's spirited and texturally complex compositions look lifted from the pages of a storybook.
Diana Shi
Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick Continues Crusade Against Tablets, Technology in General

The New England Patriots coach sounded off on the whimsical nature of technology.
Sean Newell

LinkNYC Discovers the Difficulty of Bringing Free Wi-Fi to City Streets

Complaints erupted over people using LinkNYC for extended periods of time, prompting something of a reset for the program.
Linda Huber
Motherboard Blog

Here’s How To Avoid Verizon’s New $20 Upgrade Fee

Why pay if you don't have to?
Nicholas Deleon

Amazon Bans Unsafe USB-C Cables After Exhaustive Independent Research

Nice guys finish first.
Nicholas Deleon
short circuit

Today’s Apple Event Isn’t Just About Faster Gadgets

Smaller no longer means less powerful.
Nicholas Deleon

This GIF Artist Imagines What Edo Japan Would Look Like If People Had Computers

Even the people of the Japan of old are addicted to their computer devices in this GIF artist’s world.
Emiko Jozuka
short circuit

Plex’s Grand Plans to Become the Center of Your Cord Cutting Life

Media streaming app Plex is now ready to prove that its popularity won’t forever be limited to power users.
Nicholas Deleon