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The MMA fighter on a mission to expose “fake martial artists” in China

Xu’s victory in April was seen as a slap in the face to Chinese culture from a Western-style fighter.
Karen Ye

Cody Garbrant/Bodybuilder and Chinese MMA/Tai Chi Fights Both Very Nearly Happen

This week saw two social machismo media wars very nearly come to pass.
Josh Rosenblatt

Bruce Lee and the Art of Scientific Street Fighting

The recent uproar over an MMA fighter's beatdown of a tai chi practitioner is a virtual case study for Bruce Lee's emphasis on real world application of the fighting arts.
Charles Russo

Wushu Watch: Dojo Storming for a Better Tomorrow

The Chinese martial arts community is in uproar over the ten second knockout suffered by Taichi master, Wei Lei this week. We examine the grand history of challenge matches and how they have shaped the martial arts.
Jack Slack

The Forgotten (Female) Pioneers of Tai Chi in the West

The little known history of how two unlikely women introduced the Chinese martial art of tai chi to the world.
Charles Russo

I Visited the Cult of White Asparagus

Germans take their asparagus very seriously: They have these “Spargelfests” (a.k.a. asparagus festivals) almost every weekend in May, where they elect asparagus queens and eat a ton of the foul-pee-inducing veggies.
Nadja Sayej
The Gangs Issue

Falun Gong And Me

Chinatown: New York's Seward Park is a riot of incredibly fit senior citizens by 6 AM every day. Near the north end of the park, a tai chi group of about 40 members practices to a stereo blasting pentatonic music.
T.D. Chan