Car Sensors Will Help Solve Traffic Jams

Stop tailgating already, say MIT researchers.
Tracey Lindeman
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Oregon Ducks Fans are Tailgating In the Parking Lot of a Youth Jail

The University of Oregon has spent a decade as a college football powerhouse behind huge donations from Nike founder Phil Knight. Their stadium is directly across the street from a juvenile detention center.
Mary Pilon

What Does It Take To Be A Buccaneers Season Ticket Holder For 40 Years?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers started their NFL life with a record 26 straight losses. Who would stick with the NFL's least essential team for four decades? This guy.
Pete Croatto
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Stadium Beer Sales Could Be The Answer To College Football's Drinking Problem

Texas, Ohio State, Penn State, and West Virginia are among the increasing number of schools selling beer during college football games—a move that can produce big profits, and perhaps discourage gameday binge drinking.
Michael Weinreb
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Brawls, Balls, and Beer: A Year at The Ralph with Bills Mafia

We spent the season at Ralph Wilson Stadium to highlight the antics that go down on any given Sunday in Buffalo. There was no shortage.
Graham Kritzer
Philadelphia Eagles

Unhinged, Shirtless Eagles Fan Gives Weirdest Pre-Game Speech Ever

This guy is shirtless and fired up.
Sean Newell

Nobody Can Make LenDale White Shut Up

Former USC and NFL running back LenDale White loves to go in on whatever subject comes to mind.
VICE Sports

War, Beheadings, and Booze: A Brief History of Tailgating

Tailgating has carved out its place in American football culture, but how exactly did it get started in the first place?
Matt Osgood

Huang's World: Miami, Part 3

Eddie follows Chef Creole to the heart of Little Haiti. The two trade kitchen techniques before grilling a 100-pound pig and serving it up at the Dolphins tailgate. Finally, Creole's clan brings Eddie out on Biscayne Bay to barbecue steak.
Eddie Huang