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Quick Hit: Fighting Breaks Yemen's Ceasefire

More than 40 people have been killed across Yemen as fighting between government and Houthi rebel forces undermines a day-old ceasefire.
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This Network of Merchants Is Helping Refugees Flee the Horrors of Yemen

As a Saudi-led naval blockade has slowed the flow of humanitarian aid into Yemen to a trickle, desperate people packed aboard cattle boats are being ferried by the hundreds to Somalia.
Sam Kimball
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Leaked UN Email on Yemen Shows Difficulty of Negotiations — and Fears Over Al Qaeda's Growing Presence

VICE News obtained a leaked note that casts new light on negotiations to end Yemen's brutal war. The UN has now said it is “disturbed” by the leak but did not question the authenticity of the email itself.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi Arabia Blamed for Friendly Fire Incidents and Civilian Deaths in Yemen

A Saudi-led airstrike reportedly killed seven fighters loyal to Yemen’s ousted president on Tuesday, an incident that coincided with a UN report about mounting civilian casualties.
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Saudi Arabia's Troops Have Crossed Into Yemen for the First Time

The incursion marks the first time that Saudi Arabia’s troops have entered Yemen since a Saudi-led coalition began an air campaign in March against Houthi rebels.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi-led Assault on Yemeni City Kills Dozens of Civilians, Raising Questions About US Role

The attack occurred in the southwestern Yemeni city of Taiz on Friday, as aid officials excoriated the US government for its role in supporting the Arab force that has targeted Houthi rebels since late March.
Samuel Oakford
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Exclusive: UN Source Says Houthi Rebels Willing to Withdraw From Key Yemen Cities

A diplomatic source tells VICE News that the Houthis have offered to give up the southern city of Taiz and potentially withdraw from other key cities.
Samuel Oakford
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Saudi-led Coalition Announces Ceasefire in Yemen Shortly After Airstrike Kills 80

A five-day pause in fighting scheduled to begin late Sunday night will be Yemen’s second attempt at a ceasefire this month.
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Somebody Isn't Telling the Truth About the 'Pause' in Yemen Fighting

Different sides are telling different stories about who said what about a supposed humanitarian 'pause' in fighting that so far has been anything but.
Samuel Oakford
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Everyone Is Ignoring the Ceasefire in Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition, Houthi rebels, and other armed groups have all seemingly ignored a UN-brokered humanitarian pause that was supposed to start Friday.
Samuel Oakford
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Thousands of Protesters Clash With Houthi Rebels After Takeover of Key Yemeni City

Protesters were reportedly beaten back with batons and Houthi rebels fired live ammunition into the air after they seized control of Taiz, Yemen’s third-largest city.
Gillian Mohney
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The Houthis Are Battling al Qaeda Amid a 'Slow-Burning Coup' in Yemen

As the Houthis continue to fight Yemen's al Qaeda affiliate, shifting alliances make it impossible to tell who will ultimately gain control of the country.
Peter Salisbury