Meet the Istanbul Farmers Fighting to Save Their 1,500-Year-Old Urban Gardens

Authorities in Istanbul are trying to turn the ancient Yedikule urban gardens into a park, ordering the 350 farmers whose livelihoods are rooted there to leave by the end of March.
Dudley Baxter

From Rave to Revolution: How Pop Music Has Changed the World

Journalist Matthew Collin's new book <i>Pop Grenade</i> traces the history of political pop in the 20th century, from Fela Kuti to Public Enemy to Pussy Riot.
Max Daly

Istanbul's Gentrification Wars

VICE News met with Turkey's antigentrification militants—the Revolutionary People's Liberation Front, or the DHKP/C.
VICE Staff

Protesters in Istanbul Rioted to Save Their Internet

Over the weekend, a new law was announced that would award the Turkish government tighter control over the internet, allowing it to block websites without seeking a court ruling first. Considering that the government already controls the country's...
Deniz Agah

Turkey's Fight for Freedom Has Caused an Authoritarian Crackdown

Imge was part of the occupation in Taksim Square when the police moved in to clear the protesters on June 11. She found herself trapped in a building while the police fired tear gas through the windows. As she passed out due to lack of oxygen, she...

Could the Turkish Uprising Be a Breakthrough for the Country's Kurds?

The fallout from the protests in Turkey isn't all bad. Unthinkable only three weeks ago, the demonstrations have begun to unite Turkey's Kurds—both those in Istanbul and traveling there from the east of the country—with a broad cross-section of Turkish...
Jonathan Wiltshire, Photos: Oren Ziv

Istanbul Police Tear-Gassed a Memorial March This Weekend

Check out photos of the latest acts of state aggression in Turkey. For now, neither side shows any sign of backing down. The violence seen over the weekend has done little but strengthen the resolve of both those opposed to Turkey’s current social and...
George Henton

Talking to the Bulldozer-Hijacking Soccer Fans About Their Role in the Turkish Uprising

On the night of June 2—the third day of an out-and-out war between police and protesters—Çarşı members hotwired a bulldozer that had been left at the construction site outside Beşiktaş's Inönü Stadium and used it to push the police water-cannon trucks...
Esra Gurmen

The Battle for the Heart of Istanbul Rages On

What was set to be a relatively calm weekend in Turkey turned into a sleepless one. The past few days have been filled with death, teargas, and political grandstanding. And the atmosphere on the street and in people's apartments, remains incredibly...
Jonathan Wiltshire

Amid the Chaos of Taksim Square

On Saturday, June 15, riot police fired tear gas, water canons, and rubber bullets effectively clearing Gezi Park in Istanbul of occupiers. Having photographed previous police raids of the park, I was struck by the kind of support and unification...
Gelareh Kiazand

The Battle of Taksim Square

This footage was shot by Robert King last Tuesday morning when Taksim Square was being evicted by the riot police. The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had said he would meet with the protesters on Wednesday, but then, all of a sudden, the...
Robert King

The Sixth Day of Fire, Tear Gas, and Blood in Istanbul

On the sixth day of the biggest civil uprising Turkey has seen in a decade, police forces retreated from Taksim Square in central Istanbul following a 36-hour battle. Tens of thousands of protesters spent the whole night resisting an unregulated and...
Esra Gurmen, Photos: Nazim Serhat Firat and Ali Gü