love is a hoax

Why You Can't Shut Up About Your Crush Even When It's Annoying Everyone You Know

Is there a psychological reason for why you can't help but gush to your friends about your bizarrely successful Tinder date? We investigate.
Amanda Arnold
mashing taters though

Let's Work Together To Find The Best Alternate Term For 'Home Run'

Yes, "homers" is easy. Yes, "dingers" and "taters" both have their proponents. But in these uncertain times, we need to agree on an alternate term for the longball.
David Roth

We Asked Experts How to Nail Awkward Small Talk

The science of getting deep or getting the hell out of there.
Beatrice Hazlehurst
420 moment

Cat Articulates Its Distaste for Bath Time with Words

Wait, what?
Broadly Staff
Pro Wrestling

Talking, Selling, And Wrestling: A Conversation With Jim Ross

Jim Ross is the voice of wrestling for something like three generations of fans. Now he's the voice of New Japan Pro Wrestling, the wildest indie promotion out.
Ian Williams
Why Is This Still a Thing?

Why Is Voicemail Still a Thing?

I'm looking at you, Mom.
Kaleigh Rogers
Remembering the Hipster

We Asked an Expert If Hipsters Have Fucked Up the English Language

Hipsters use English. Hipsters ruin everything. Therefore, did hipsters ruin English?
Mike Pearl
Social Media

All the Feels: A Scientific Ranking of Emoji Sentiment

Researchers have created the Emoji Sentiment Ranking, a qualitative list of 751 emojis ranking how positive, negative, or neutral each image is.
Kaleigh Rogers

Australians Sound Drunk All the Time Because Their Ancestors Were Drunk All the Time, Claims Communications Expert

This should surprise no one.
Brian McManus

Gemini Zodiac Sign: Dates, Meaning, and Personality Traits

Smart, passionate, and dynamic, Geminis are experts communicators known for having two different sides they can display to the world.
Annabel Gat

My Girlfriend Went to a Speech Therapist to Cure Her Vocal Fry

Like many young women in the US, my girlfriend has vocal fry, a speech pattern that annoys lots of people and can even hurt your employment chances. Can she be cured?
Ryan Grim

A Stiff Upper Lip Is Killing British Men

Men are three times more likely to take their own lives than women in the UK, but until they address their inability to open up, they'll continue to die.
Jack Urwin