Public Service Announcements

Watch Joseph Cox and Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai Give a Talk About 'Stalkerware'

At Re:Publica 18, right now.
Motherboard Staff
virtual reality

For Virtual Reality Creators, the "Wild West" Age Is Over

The 2017 Vision VR/AR Summit spent two days in Los Angeles spotting emerging trends in immersive technology.
Charlie Schmidlin
virtual reality

Reality: Where Does It Go From Here?

The 2017 edition of annual VR and AR conference 'Versions' had a lot of feelings about our future relationship with tech.
Andrew Nunes

Silicon Valhalla: Stockholm Stakes Its Claim on the Future

Artist talks from JR and Doug Aitken, Icona Pop, and rumors of 5G internet blew the doors off of the Brilliant Minds conference Day 1.
Emerson Rosenthal

The VICE Morning Bulletin

This morning, Israel's Prime Minster meets President Obama for talks, results are out on which states are the most corrupt, Larry David gets $5,000 for calling Donald Trump a racist on TV, and more.
VICE Staff

Cockfights and Cop Tests: A History of Graphic Design in the Philippines

Talking to Manila-based writer, publisher, graphic designer, and cultural historian Clara Lobregat Balaguer.
Sophia Callahan

Noah Taylor’s Strange, Blankly Beautiful Paintings

We spoke to the artist about Australian landscapes and being good at everything.
Jack Callil
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Hey, Toronto: Win Tickets to the Terroir Symposium

Join MUNCHIES' editor-in-chief Helen Hollyman at the annual Terroir Symposium, where she and a host of culinary luminaries will ponder the future of our food and drink cultures.
Munchies Staff

Peter Saul is Older (and Cooler) Than Your Favorite Artist

Last Friday night at Neuehouse, we attended a conversation between painters Peter Saul and Joe Bradley. Here's what we learned.
Sophia Callahan

Saudi Arabia Says It Will Want Same Enrichment Rights as Iran if Nuclear Deal is Done

Rattled by the growing influence of Shia powerhouse Iran, Riyadh is one of the key sources of resistance to an agreement — and has now raised the prospect of a nuclear race in the region.
Jenna Corderoy
middle east

The US Is Reassuring Arab Allies over the Iranian Nuclear Talks — But Is a Deal in Reach?

The latest round of talks wrapped up this week with reports of 'some progress.' But with the deadline for a framework deal approaching, it is unclear if a satisfactory agreement is in reach.
Jenna Corderoy

An Hour-Long Lecture on the Psychology of Doing Nothing

Professor Helga Drummond on our screwy relationships with the future.
Michael Byrne