The Street Food at the Mexican Border Is Fire

Rather than dwell on barely moving traffic and the loss of all personal property, we spent our last 300 pesos on four delicious courses.


How-To: Make Tamales with Wes Avila

Not all of us are lucky enough to live near a great Mexican restaurant, so we enlisted the help of Guerrilla Tacos owner Wesley Avila to show us how to make top-notch tamales at home.


These Easy Cheese-Stuffed Tamales Are Hangover Killers

Hop aboard the hot tamale train with this recipe for the traditional Mexican dish from Guerilla Taco's chef Wesley Avila.


How a Plate of Tamales May Have Crushed Gerald Ford's 1976 Presidential Campaign

Gerald Ford was running for a second term in 1976 against Jimmy Carter. At a campaign stop in San Antonio, Texas to visit the Alamo, Ford was offered a plate of tamales. This is where things took a dark turn.


Make These Super-Easy Tamales, But Don't Forget the Fire-as-Hell Hot Sauce

Who the hell needs the next deep-fried, fast-food, faux-Mexican abomination when you've got fresh, amazing tamales, just like your madre made them?


Coming to Terms with Mexican Feminism in the Kitchen

My grandmother held little regard for her “place in the kitchen,” as providing meals for the family was simply a responsibility. For a long time I felt this way too, but I've grown to learn that the kitchen can be a space of empowerment and creativity.


I Ate Like a Mexican Pilgrim on the Delicious Road to Worshipping a Saint

In early December, those who worship the Virgin of Guadalupe make the long pilgrimage by foot to her holy Basilica near Mexico City. The journey is long and exhausting, but the food and generosity of strangers makes it much easier.


How This Lap Dog-Sized Tamale Became the Food of the Dead

In Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, Dia de Los Muertos is celebrated by offering a giant casserole-like tamale that is bigger in size than a small a chihuahua and tastes more like an epazote-scented chicken pot pie than an actual tamale.


Nacatamales Are the Fatty, Meat-Filled Tamales of Nicaragua

Nacatamal is the Nahuatl, or Aztec, word for meat tamale. It’s the oily, fatty cousin of the Mexican tamal, and the Millón family in Nicaragua has been making them for 50 years.


Casero-Style Tamales Recipe

Bring Mexico into your kitchen with these squash and cheese-filled tamales.


Food Safety Experts Want You to Stop Buying Cheesecake from Facebook Strangers

Sacramento is struggling to regulate huge Facebook groups where anyone and everyone can sell homemade dishes prepared without any assurance of food safety.


The Best Mexican Grocery Stores Are Usually Hidden

I'm a huge fan of secret grocery stores, piñatas, and Mexican food, which I was convinced didn't exist until reality recently proved me wrong. My friend, Mars Ostarello, guided me through a secret Mexican grocery store tucked inside of a deli.