A Visit to One of Mexico's Most Notorious Abandoned Hospitals

Like so many other abandoned hospitals, the Hospital Naturista in Tamaulipas is said to be haunted by the ghost of a deranged—but very stylish—nurse.
José Luis Martínez Limón
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Taking down Zetas cartel leaders has triggered more violence in Mexico

When the government eliminated the bosses of one of the bloodiest cartels, those who were left began fighting — and civilians are paying a high price in blood.
Nathaniel Janowitz

My seven years as a sex slave in Mexican drug cartels

Central American women are regularly kidnapped by Mexican gangs to work in brothels and serve drug lords. Most never make it out. One did, and this is her story.
Oscar Balderas

Five families massacred in two weeks as Mexico's murder rate surges

With the number of homicides across the country at their highest since 2012, this weekend’s victims included two mayors gunned down.
Nathaniel Janowitz

Mexican Soccer Player Alan Pulido Is Rescued After Kidnapping

The authorities say that the carelessness of his kidnappers allowed the Olympiakos player to make a phone call to the police shortly after he was abducted in his violence-torn home state of Tamaulipas.
Jan-Albert Hootsen

Two US Citizens Kidnapped a Texas Man and Took Him to Mexico

The victim was abducted in McAllen on May 12 and rescued when Mexican police at a checkpoint discovered him in the trunk of a vehicle driven by his alleged kidnappers.
Alan Hernandez

Spain’s Arrest of an Allegedly Corrupt Mexican Governor Highlights Impunity in Mexico

Humberto Moreira is due to appear in a Madrid court on Friday following his arrest in an investigation into money laundering that reportedly also includes evidence that he was working for the Zetas cartel.
Paul Imison

Mexican Journalists Are Still Being Killed Despite Promises of Protection

Up to eight journalists have been killed in Mexico this year, even though the dangers to the local media have been attracting international attention for years and prompted multiple promises from the government to act.
Paul Imison

Mexico's President Has Dug Himself Into a Hole — And It's Going to Be Hard to Climb Back Out

He arrived in 2012 with promises of "Saving Mexico," but ever since, Peña Nieto has dropped in the polls and responded poorly to a string of embarrassing scandals.
David Agren

Mexican Soldiers Kill a Kidnapping Victim, Then Label Him a Cartel Hitman to Cover it Up

Jorge Parral Rabadan beat out 1,000 applicants for a job running a Mexican border bridge with Texas. He denounced rising insecurity at his post until he was kidnapped, taken to a ranch, and killed by point-blank gunfire from the Mexican military.
Daniel Hernandez

22 Dead After Another Violent Weekend Strikes Eastern States in Mexico

Nine gunmen were killed in a shootout with Tamaulipas state police and 13 people were killed or found dead in 36 hours in Veracruz.
Gabriela Gorbea

Mexico Is Hacking Team’s Biggest Paying Client — By Far

Since Sunday's leak, documents reveal that Mexico is by the far the Italian's company biggest client, paying $6.3 million for software that digital rights advocates say are illegal under Mexican law and could harm citizens' privacy.
Daniel Hernandez and Gabriela Gorbea