How Australia Legalized Indefinite Detention on the High Seas

After two weeks on the water, a boat carrying asylum seekers was intercepted by Australian authorities. Its passengers were transferred to a naval vessel where they remained under guard for 29 days.


Sri Lanka Massacred Tens of Thousands of Tamils While the World Looked Away

Sri Lankan soldiers recorded these terrible crimes on their mobile phones and camcorders—and over the past four years, more and more of this footage has emerged.


Hardline Buddhist Violence Flares Against Muslims in Sri Lanka

Ethnic riots against Sri Lanka's minority Muslims, incited by the nationalist Buddhist Power Force group, killed three people on Sunday.


Tour Buses to Sri Lanka's Battlefields

Driven by morbid curiosity, the island’s majority population is returning to the battlefields of its recently concluded civil war by the busload. And the regime—which stands accused of war crimes—is doing everything it can to whitewash history.