Florida neo-Nazi gets 5 years in prison for stockpiling bomb materials

The former National Guard soldier was stockpiling explosives and had a picture of Timothy McVeigh on his dresser.


Cops Finally Made an Arrest in the Tampa Serial Killer Saga

Howell Emanuel Donaldson III, a former college student who worked at McDonald's, has been arrested in connection to a string of four fatal shootings.


Cops say they've caught the serial killer who terrorized a Tampa neighborhood

The Tampa police arrested a man on Tuesday in connection with a series of murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood. The arrest came 51 days after the first of four connected killings that all happened within a 15 block radius—finally bringing the...


A New Murder Is Fresh Evidence of a Serial Killer Prowling Tampa

Experts and local cops say the latest grisly slaying bolsters their theory of a serial assassin stalking the street, but locals we talked to aren't ready to hide indoors.


Apparent serial killer in Tampa strikes again

Police in Tampa, Florida are hunting an apparent serial killer who they believe shot and killed at least four people in the last six weeks.


Is a Serial Killer on the Loose in Tampa?

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Irma slammed Florida, but it could've been much worse

The storm's counterclockwise spin sent more water away from shore than expected in many places.


So, You Want to Remove Your Town's Confederate Monuments

Lessons learned from New Orleans's long but ultimately successful effort to unseat its rebel statues.


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