It's Friday, January 11, and It Turns Out 'Tapas and Cocaine' Isn't a Healthy Diet

Plus, watch a man shotgun a bunch of Cincinnati chili, and decide for yourself whether s'mores wings should be a thing.
Hannah Keyser
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Fideos Is the Love Child of Paella and Noodles That Is Endlessly Riffable

Chef Ken Oringer of Toro shows us how to turn leftovers into a one-pot dish that has all the best elements of pasta and paella.
Bettina Makalintal

Some of Miami’s Best Tapas and Wine Are Inside This Gas Station

This convenience store is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. With one of the better selections of wine in the city of Miami, this place is clearly not fucking around.
Alex Swerdloff

Meet the London Restaurateur Wrongly Convicted as a Mafia Banker

“In 2010, I was wrongly indicted on three counts: fraudulent bankruptcy, money laundering, and conspiracy.”
Johanna Derry
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2 Chainz' Tapas Restaurant Miserably Failed Its Recent Health Inspection

Inspectors recently visited Escobar, Mr. Chainz’ new tapas restaurant, and discovered that everything was decidedly not "fresh as hell," especially the meat and dairy products.
Jelisa Castrodale

Grilling Quail with a Forensic-Psychologist-Turned-Chef

At Morito, the new East London outpost of famed Exmouth Market tapas restaurant Moro, head chef (and former forensic psychologist) Marianna Leivaditaki grills quail over charcoal before dressing with pomegranate molasses and Lebanese pistachios.
Nell Frizzell

Chef's Night Out: Daniel Castaño

When Colombians get together, they roll deep. So when we went to Bogotá to sample former Mario Batali pupil Daniel Castaño's classical Italian fare at his restaurant, Emilia Romagna, we brought a big-ass bus to cart around the crew.
Munchies Staff