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One Hundred Indigenous Nations in US and Canada Join Forces in Opposition of Pipeline Expansion

Standing Rock's Sioux Tribe, the Union of BC Chiefs, and many more Indigenous leaders signed a treaty to prevent expansion of the tar sands.
Hilary Beaumont

Mining Companies Keep Drawing Water from Canada's Athabasca River as It Runs Dry

This has made life difficult for First Nations people, who are already struggling with the other consequences of a series of droughts.
Meagan Wohlberg
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Bill Nye the Science Guy Visited the Alberta Tar Sands and Was Depressed

Nye suggested a new government is the answer to Canada's climate change woes.
Sierra Bein

The Canadian Two-Spirit Man Who's a 36-Year-Old Businessman and an 18-Year-Old Pop Singer

I traveled up to Alberta to meet both spirits that reside in this one extremely successful man.
Mack Lamoureux

Indigenous Canadians Are Fighting the Uranium Mining Industry

A group of remote northern Dene trappers are fighting to preserve some of their traditional land from exploitation.
Michael Toledano

Low Oil Prices Are Killing the Fracking Industry, but the Tar Sands Will Be Fine (for Now)

The current slump in oil prices could spell the end of North American fracking, but will price volatility mean trouble for the more financially stable tar sands?
Tannara Yelland

In 2014, Canada Lost Its Reputation as a Environmentally Friendly Liberal Wonderland

Celebrities, activists, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy are calling out the Canadian government for being in the pocket of the oil industry.
Patrick McGuire

Bill Nye Talks About Canadian Oil and the Certainty of Climate Change

"The science of climate change is, by many reasonable estimates, more strongly proven than the connection between cigarettes and cancer."
Patrick McGuire

Did Enbridge Use Toxic Chemicals to Clean Up Their Oil Spill in Kalamazoo?

Three and a half years ago, an oil pipeline spilled 843,000 gallons of tar sands bitumen into the Kalamazoo River, the largest spill of its kind in American history. The clean-up effort has cost over a billion dollars, but is it doing more harm than...
Michael Toledano