tar sands


Canada’s Oil Sands Development Is Enabling This Jerk Bird

The brown-headed cowbird used to sit atop roaming bison, now it perches on oil equipment.


There’s Another Proposed Pipeline That Blatantly Ignores Native Rights

The Tar Sands Pipeline threatens to pollute the water supply of Native American Communities from Canada to Wisconsin.


'Gasland' Filmmaker on Yesterday's Standing Rock Victory

The Army Corps of Engineers announced that it will reroute the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the celebration of thousands of Standing Rock water protectors.


Three Other Oil and Gas Pipelines, and What They Put at Risk

With all eyes turned to the Dakota Access Pipeline, three oil and gas projects have been making steady headway.


One Hundred Indigenous Nations in US and Canada Join Forces in Opposition of Pipeline Expansion

Standing Rock's Sioux Tribe, the Union of BC Chiefs, and many more Indigenous leaders signed a treaty to prevent expansion of the tar sands.


The Oil Sands’ ‘Cleaner’ Future Looks Awfully Dirty

Steam-powered mining is anything but environmentally friendly.


Cops Say Alberta's Tanking Economy Is to Blame for Spike in Domestic Violence

At a press conference this week called specifically to draw attention to the problem, Calgary police stressed that unemployment is not a direct cause of domestic violence and that "in no way does it excuse it."


Canadian Oil Companies Start Work Again Around Fire-Ravaged Fort McMurray

The highway through Fort Mac, in northern Alberta, has opened up to industrial vehicles, a little over a week after a mandatory evacuation due to a raging wildfire. It's not yet known when residents will be able to return to the city.


‘It’s a Fucking Ghost Town’: Inside Canada's Fort McMurray As It Burns

Fort McMurray is synonymous with Canada's oil sands. The sudden and mandatory evacuation caught residents, many of whom assumed the wildfire was under control, off guard.


Canada Sends Military Aircraft to Stop the Spread of Massive Alberta Wildfires

Canada's provinces have begun lining up to offer assistance to the massive wildfires that are ravaging Alberta's north.


An Inquiry Into a Fatal Oil Sands Accident Won’t Look At What Actually Happened

In 2007, two Chinese workers were killed on the site of an Alberta oil sands project by Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. A judge has ruled that a public inquiry should only look at how one of the workers was transported to hospital.


Three Protesters Are Facing Criminal Charges After Anti-Pipeline Sit-In in British Columbia

“Let us in! Let us in!” the women chanted as they were pinned against the wall and handcuffed outside the ballroom of a Burnaby hotel, where Canada’s National Energy Board is considering Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline proposal.