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The Best Tarot Decks, According to Astrologers

Astrology and tarot share deep cosmic roots, so we asked our favorite astrologers to recommend tarot decks that enrich their practice.
Sara David
a day ago

The Resurgence of Tarot, Astrology, and My Personal Medium, Brian Eno

In times of turmoil, research shows people are more likely to embrace the paranormal.
Cole Nowicki
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Ten Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Medium

"After the spirit left my body, my tutor told me that the spirit was Albert Einstein himself and that he had spoken through me for seven to ten minutes straight."
Madalena Maltez

Who Needs a Tarot Reading When We Have Predictive Keyboards?

Get your predictions for the year by letting your iPhone's QuickType feature choose what to say.
Leigh Alexander

For the Young and Restless Singer Bibi Bourelly, Age Is Irrelevant

We took Bourelly to the Museum of Natural History where she answered our questions off our custom Broadly Tarot Deck. Before sharing her "hype playlist" with us, we talked to the 22-year-old singer about what it's like to grow up in the industry...
Kat Aileen & Keenan MacWilliam

Minimalist Tarot Photos Reimagine the Modern Psyche

Flip through Ayla El-Moussa’s contemporary interpretation of the tarot.
Nathaniel Ainley

Lisa Frank Tarot Cards Say Your Future's Bright (And Cheetah-Print)

Next time you're getting a reading, ask for Ariel Hart's neon, fuzzy deck.
Alyssa Buffenstein

Will One Direction Break Up? We Asked Psychics to Uncover the Truth

A report that One Direction is splitting up has shaken the Internet to its core. In a sea of rumors, we reached out to the only people we can trust: our staff astrologer, a tarot reader, and a pop culture psychic.
Callie Beusman and Gabby Bess

I Was a Phone Psychic Without Psychic Abilities

People would spend $3.50 per minute for my psychic predictions, which were about as accurate as a Magic 8 Ball.
Angela Lovell

Tarot Cards Come Alive in the Streets of Haiti

Belgian photographer Alice Smeets teams up with artist group Atis Rezistans to recreate the fateful visions of the 'Ghetto Tarot.'
Sami Emory

​How Do Psychics Survive in New York City?

Even as Manhattan becomes more and more unaffordable, fortune tellers—and their ubiquitous neon signs—have flourished in even the wealthiest neighborhoods. How are they hanging on?
John Surico
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We Forgot To Apply To Be Ghostface Killah's Intern

We've all got our fingers crossed that Ghostface Killah will pick Motherboard to be his intern even though we completely forgot to apply for the position.