Police Shooting

Black Woman Shouts That She’s Pregnant Before Texas Cop Fatally Shoots Her, Video Shows

Police said she gained control of the officer's Taser and used it against him.
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Police tased a black man to death. His sister says video contradicts their account of what happened.

A Facebook executive and the sister of a black man tased to death by police near Silicon Valley last month said she’s seen video that contradicts officers’ accounts of the incident.
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An off-duty Cincinnati cop tased an 11-year-old girl

Cincinnati's use of force policy recommends officers avoid using Tasers on "individuals under the age of 7."
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Body cameras don't stop police violence, study finds

Researchers that officers wearing body cameras were no more or less likely to use force that those without body cameras. 
Alex Lubben

St. Louis cops are getting free body cams from the Taser company

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Las Vegas Cop Charged After Killing an Unarmed Man with a Chokehold

Kenneth Lopera is the first Metropolitan Police Department cop to be charged with an officer-involved fatality in almost 30 years.
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America Pays for Free Body Cameras With Its Civil Rights

The company formerly known as TASER changed its name to Axon and is offering a free trial of its body cameras to every cop in America, but the plan raises alarming questions about the future of surveillance.
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Canadian Cops Are Finally Looking to Buy Body-Worn Cameras

The cameras are usually lauded as effective ways to prevent police brutality, discourage use of force, and facilitate prosecution if the officer is accused of wrongdoing.
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Video Shows Virginia Police Tasing a Man Multiple Times Before He Dies in Custody

A $25 million wrongful death lawsuit accuses the police department of failing to respond to requests for police files and conspiring to cover up the details of Linwood R. Lambert Jr. death in 2013.
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Tasers Might Not Reduce Lethal Force Incidents or Injuries to Suspects After All

Stanford researchers analyzed more than 150 studies on the use of Tasers and other electronic weapons and found that their claims of safety and effectiveness are muddled, at best.
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Graphic Video Shows Natasha McKenna Tased in Jail Before Her Death

The video's release comes just days after a Fairfax County official decided not to seek criminal charges in connection with the deadly incident.

'This Instrument Can Kill': Tasers Are Not as Harmless as Previously Thought

As law enforcement agencies come to rely more and more on Tasers as a less lethal alternative to guns, Taser-related deaths are on the rise.
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