A Man Died After the NYPD Tasered Him

According to police, the man threatened officers with a glass bottle when they confronted him.


An Athlete Died After Being Tased. Are Tasers More Dangerous Than We Think?

The Taser-related death of Dalian Atkinson is still under investigation.


'Human Flesh' Is No Match For 100,000 Volts of Electricity

Like a hot knife through soft butter.


A Third of the People Who Got Shot Last Year by LAPD Officers Were Mentally Ill

The LAPD has released a new report that shows the its officers disproportionately shoot mentally ill suspects, arrest African-Americans, and kill Hispanics.


​The Taser Is America’s Favorite Less-Lethal Weapon

At a time when police shootings dominate the news, the notion that Tasers are a safer way to subdue suspects than gunfire is a welcome one. If only it were so simple.


The Filmmaker Who’s Taking on Taser

A new documentary criticizes TASER International and the studies behind the company's safety claims.


Tasers Might Not Reduce Lethal Force Incidents or Injuries to Suspects After All

Stanford researchers analyzed more than 150 studies on the use of Tasers and other electronic weapons and found that their claims of safety and effectiveness are muddled, at best.


The Toronto Cop Who Killed Teenager Sammy Yatim Is Now Standing Trial for Murder

Legal experts say a conviction would be "unheard of."


'This Instrument Can Kill': Tasers Are Not as Harmless as Previously Thought

As law enforcement agencies come to rely more and more on Tasers as a less lethal alternative to guns, Taser-related deaths are on the rise.


Cops in North Dakota Are Now Allowed to Arm Their Drones

A new bill bans only lethal weapons from being placed on the flying machines.


A Lawsuit Claims an Alabama Girl and Her Mom Got Tasered After the Teen Had a Seizure at a Rap Concert

Even after a year defined by allegation after allegation of horrific police brutality, this one is tough to fathom.