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Learn About Tattoo History While Getting Inked at This Museum

The Field Museum in Chicago is currently showing an exhibition that explores the 5,000-year-old history of tattooing across the globe. It's also literally bringing ink to the museum world in the form of a pop-up tattoo shop.


The Owner of New York's Oldest Tattoo Shop Says the Industry 'Exploded Overnight'

Since it illegally opened in 1976, Fineline Tattoos has lived through multiple sea changes in NYC tattoo culture. On the 40th anniversary of the shop opening on the Bowery, we talked to the longtime owners about ink in the Big Apple.


The History of Tattooed Ladies from Freakshows to Reality TV

We talked to academic Anni Irish about how tattooed women have been objectified and fetishized since the days of the 19th century.


The Visual Encyclopedia of Russian Prison Tattoos

We spoke to the publisher of a book about Soviet prison ink about what tattoos would mark you as a thief, a homosexual, or a high-ranking criminal.