Tax Avoidance


The Paradise Papers Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We spoke to a tax avoidance expert about what to expect next.


The VICE Morning Bulletin

Tim Kaine says the Trump organization is "octopus-like" at the VP debate, Yahoo reportedly spied on millions of users' emails for the government, Hurricane Matthew leaves 11 dead in the Caribbean, and more.


Divorce: One More Reason Why the Super Rich Want to Hide Their Money

It's illegal to help someone evade taxes or conceal their assets from a judge in the event of a divorce — but the Panama Papers show that unscrupulous lawyers will still do so.


The Biggest Companies in America Are Being Handed $27 for Every $1 They Pay in Taxes

The top 50 companies in the US cost taxpayers an estimated $111 billion per year — a mass corporate tax evasion which comes at the expense of education, healthcare, and infrastructure.


Europe Will Force Big Companies to Disclose How They Use Tax Havens

Big companies such as Google and Facebook will have to state if their profits pass through tax havens — but the problem is EU states have no common view of what a tax haven is.


Photos of Placards, Fake Snouts, and Pig Piñatas at London's #ResignCameron Protest

We were there as thousands of protestors flooded London's streets, calling for Cameron's resignation after he admitted he'd had shares in his dad's offshore fund.


After a Decade of Fighting Tax Havens, Canada Has Only Managed to Prosecute 71 People

The Panama Papers have turned everyone's attention to fighting offshore bank accounts and shell companies — but it's not an easy problem to fix.


Did David Cameron Do Anything Wrong By Having Shares in an Offshore Fund?

We asked tax experts whether the outrage generated by the revelation British Prime Minister David Cameron held shares in an offshore fund co-run by his father was justified.


David Cameron Faces Calls to Resign After Finally Admitting He Had Shares in Offshore Fund

In his fifth public statement in the four days since the Panama Papers story broke, British PM David Cameron has finally acknowledged that he once had shares in his late father's offshore trust.


Panama Papers Highlight Britain's Role in Global Financial Corruption

The Panama Papers have brought overdue attention to the fact the UK has harbored money laundering for years through lax oversight and easily acquired investor visas.


Why the Panama Papers Scandal Isn't Such a Scandal After All

World governments clearly have the tools to track the money flowing into offshore tax havens. Yet somehow regulators don't have enough information to crack down on wealthy folks illegally evading taxes.


Canada Asks for the Panama Papers as Its Biggest Bank Defends Mossack Fonseca Dealings

Canada's Minister of National Revenue wants access to the 2.6 terabytes of data on offshore bank accounts, as the Royal Bank rejects the idea it had any hand in tax avoidance or nefarious deeds.