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The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast

The Texas Church Shooting, Paradise Papers, and Our Russia Road Trip

On this episode of 'The VICE Guide to Right Now Podcast,' we discuss the gunman's history of domestic violence and how three VICE staffers ended up in one of the most radioactive places on Earth.
VICE Staff
Tax Avoidance

The Paradise Papers Are Just the Tip of the Iceberg

We spoke to a tax avoidance expert about what to expect next.
Simon Childs

The First Space-Based ‘Nation’ Wants to Store Data Off-Planet, Beyond the Law

'Asgardia' plans to launch a data storage satellite beyond the reach of Earthly laws—an ambitious and problematic goal.
Mark Harris

Apple must pay $14.5 billion to get out of Irish tax dodge, EU rules

Though the $14.5 billion sum is unprecedented in size, it represents about 27 percent of Apple's $53.4 billion in profits last year and Apple probably won't pay that figure in full.
Noah Kulwin

Why the Panama Papers Are a Women's Rights Issue

Everyone from Emma Watson to the former Icelandic prime minister has been embroiled in the leak from Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca. Here, we explore how tax evasion hurts women.
Kat Lister

The Whistleblowers Behind the LuxLeaks Scandal Are On Trial In Luxembourg

Three men accused of whistleblowing on tax dodging schemes that saved multinational companies millions of dollars could face up to five years in jail and a €1.25 million euro fine.
Harriet Salem
Panama Papers

Panama Papers: Iceland's Prime Minister Says He Won't Resign After All

Prime Minister Sigmundur Gunnlaugsson previously said he would step down after leaked documents revealed that he hid millions in an undisclosed tax haven.
Olivia Becker and Tess Owen
Panama Papers

There's a French Far-Right Party in the Panama Papers Leak

The populist Front National has threatened to sue the press for libel after the leak revealed that people close to it had stashed money away in offshore tax havens.
Pierre-Louis Caron
paris climate summit

Toxic Tours and Civil Disobedience: COP21 - Climate Emergency (Dispatch 3)

VICE News follows a crowd of activists, outraged by corporate greenwashing, crashing the Solutions COP21 exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Senegal Jails Former President’s Son for Six Years on Corruption Charges

Ex-minister Karim Wade has been found guilty of “illegal enrichment” and ordered to pay a $230 million fine, in a verdict that delivers a blow to the politician’s presidential ambitions.
Melodie Bouchaud

Unhappy Meal: How McDonald’s Is Using Luxembourg's Tax Laws to Supersize Its Profits in Europe

The fast food giant has shaved off 1 billion euros in corporate EU taxes by routing profits through its lightly-taxed Luxembourg subsidiary, according to a new report.
Pierre Longeray