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The IRS Is Ignoring Rich Tax Dodgers and Going After the Poor

Republican dreams, realized.
Harry Cheadle
5 days ago
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Small Business Owners Told Us What They Wish They'd Known Before They Started

It's a ton of work, but ultimately worth it.
Anna Goldfarb

Republican Voters May Be Turning Against a Core GOP Argument, Poll Says

A new survey breaks down attitudes on taxes—and finds that Americans may not be buying the conservative belief that tax cuts for the rich are worth it.
Harry Cheadle
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Naturally, Michael Avenatti Owes More Than a Million Dollars in Taxes

A new report shows that the 2020 hopeful has a shady financial history that rivals the current president's.
Eve Peyser
Late Capitalism

Trump's America Is a Great Place to Cheat on Taxes

The Paradise Papers. The Panama Papers. Straight-up fraud. "We haven't even gotten to the tip of that iceberg," one expert said.
Allie Conti
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This Is How the Rich Steal from America

That Donald Trump inherited an insane amount of money isn't shocking. But how his dad and he pulled it off by selling a lie really is.
Matt Taylor
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The Ultra-Rich Who Cashed in on GOP Tax Cuts Are Paying Republicans Back

Trickle-down economics works: Money trickles down from wealthy donors to right-wing PACs.
Harry Cheadle
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Trump's Eyeing Another Huge Tax Cut for the Rich and It's Probably Illegal

The last one barely passed Congress and was a huge giveaway to the rich, but that doesn't mean Republicans are done helping their donors.
Matt Taylor
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What Amazon's Fight Against Taxes Says About Its Political Power

Seattle tried, and failed, to tax the mega corporation, run by the richest man in the world.
VICE Staff

Unions Want to Know Where the Hell All That Trump Tax Cut Money Went

Several unions are demanding that employers explain what exactly they're doing with they huge windfall Republicans gave them.
Livia Gershon

The Trump Tax Cut Isn't Trickling Down to Workers

Despite some highly touted bonuses, companies are mostly using their windfalls to buy back stock—and some are laying people off.
Rick Paulas
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AT&T Is Handing Out $200 Million in Bonuses After the GOP Passed the Tax Bill

The company plans to give 200,000 workers each $1,000 as soon as Trump signs the legislation.
Drew Schwartz