“I Drive Until I’m Exhausted Every Day": Uber Drivers Tell Us Why They're Striking​

If you hail an Uber on Wednesday, you’re crossing a (virtual) picket line.


Uber just pulled its service in Greece after a government clampdown

“We have to assess if and how we can operate within this new framework and so will be suspending UberX in Athens from next Tuesday until we can find an appropriate solution.”


After 'Flawed' MIT Paper, Uber Drivers Can't Agree On How Poorly They're Paid

Uber CEO said MIT was 'mathematically incompetent' for saying drivers earn a net $3.37 an hour.


Before He Died, a New York Taxi Driver Wrote About How the Gig Economy Ruined His Life

Douglas Schifter killed himself in front of City Hall this week.


Uber losers: NYC taxi medallion owners are struggling

Imagine seeing your retirement account balloon to $1.3 million and then crash to $140,000.


3000 Ubers Could Replace NYC’s Entire Taxi Fleet

There’s just one catch.


Uber and Lyft Drivers Discriminate Against African-Americans and Women

The study counters one of the big selling points of app-based ride-hailing services—namely, that people can get rides on demand no matter the color of their skin or their appearance.


France’s Government-Backed Uber Replacement Should Thrill Uber

The government-backed 'Le.Taxi' isn't a real threat — yet.


Google Is Trying to Create the New Uber

It's a lot cheaper than Uber and Lyft, too.


I Spent All Night Riding Around London in an Uber Pool

Would anyone speak to me? Is there any truth at all that it's the "new Tinder"? How many drunk people would come on to me?


How Uber Is Changing Drug Dealing

If any technology invariably gets used for good and ill then of course the Uberization of things now includes drug dealing.


​Uber Drivers Tell Us About Their Worst Customers

Ever wonder how a customer gets a one star rating?