Love Your Brain

I Found Peace of Mind Online After a Traumatic Brain Injury

A terrifying car accident left me feeling powerless, until I found answers on the internet.
Samantha Rogers
Living With It

What It’s Like to Break Your Brain in a Snowboarding Accident

How Kevin Pearce's yoga practice helped him cope with his brain injury.
Rajul Punjabi
mental health

Brain Scars From Combat Injuries Linked to Depression In War Veterans

Scientists now know why some soldiers come back from war with severe depression, not only PTSD.
Grennan Milliken
VICE News Tonight on HBO

One disabled man’s fight to restore his right to vote

Thousands of disabled people across the country have quietly been stripped of their voting rights.
Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani
Why Is This Still a Thing?

With All We Know About Concussions, Why Do We Still Love Football?

We know repeatedly getting hit in the head is dangerous, so why do we keep doing it in the name of football?
Nicholas Deleon

Forget the NFL, Let's Tax Sports Tickets to Fund Concussion Research

With over a million high school kids playing football every year, concussions are a public health issue. So why not use tax dollars to research it?
Aaron Gordon

CDC Study Finds Retired NFL Players No More Likely to Commit Suicide Than General US Population, Which Commits Suicide A lot

12 of the 3,439 players studied committed suicide, less than half that of the U.S. population.
Aaron Gordon
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

Veterans Are Fighting the War on Sleep

Can heavy, polypropylene-stuffed blankets help veterans with combat-related sleep disorders get some rest?
Brian Anderson

This Color Changing Helmet Material Could Help Detect Concussions

Given how difficult it is to diagnose brain injuries, an external signal could be extremely helpful.
Kaleigh Rogers

A War Doctor Turned Poet Treats PTSD with Literature

We spoke with war poet Frederick Foote, a neurologist who's making poetry a required course of treatment in military hospitals.
Rory Tolan

110 Years of Football's Empty Culture Changes

The modern NFL proudly touts its "culture change," but a look at the game's history demonstrates how empty such promises have always been.
Jack Moore

Scientists Made Lab-Grown Brains to See What Happens When You Shock Them

Or when you drop them, or bang them against something, or otherwise injure them.
Jason Koebler