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America's Newest Outsourced Job: Public School Teachers

American public schools are looking to the Philippines to address a shortage of teachers around the country.
Roberto Ferdman
Amanda Pisetzner
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2020 Democrats to Teachers' Unions: For the Love of God, Please Support Me

Joe Biden just became the latest candidate to unveil a plan on teacher pay.
Rex Santus
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Bernie is killing Kamala and Mayor Pete in fundraising

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders pulled in $18.2 million in just 41 days.
Rex Santus

Denver teachers’ first strike in 25 years is over

"This agreement is a win, plain and simple, for our students; for our educators; and for our communities," said the union president.
Rex Santus
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Verizon Says It Won’t Increase Fees on Education App After All

The telecom company responded to criticism from teachers and parents saying it will waive the new text message fees for this specific use.
Kaleigh Rogers
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LA Teachers Are Helping Kids Learn Even as They're Striking

Some parents have no choice but to send their kids to school, even if they support the strike. But teachers and parents are also setting up co-ops to keep things moving.
Sonja Sharp

Verizon Is Making It Harder for Teachers to Contact Students Who Don’t Have Smartphones

Verizon’s new fees on app to phone long code messages was designed to counter robotexts, not stop teachers from assigning homework.
Kaleigh Rogers
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The nation's first charter school strike is a wake-up call for the charter movement

More than 500 teachers missed classes during the nation's first-ever charter school strike at one of the largest charter networks in Chicago.
Roberto Ferdman

I Doubled My Public School Teacher’s Salary in 10 Years

To finally be compensated not just in warm fuzzies but in an actual denomination that pays the bills is incredible.
She Picks Up Pennies
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Stephen Miller’s Old Teacher Suspended for Calling Him a ‘Loner’ Who Ate Glue

After saying he was a "strange dude" in third grade, the 72-year-old is on temporary "home assignment."
Drew Schwartz

Oklahoma teachers are so fed up that nearly 100 are running for office

"We just came to the realization that people don’t understand education and what we need," one candidate said.
Amanda Pisetzner
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This is what homeschool prom looks like

Yes, homeschoolers get to go to prom too.
Jed Oelbaum
Oliver Noble