teachers strike

teachers strike

The Battle Between West Virginia Teachers and Republicans Is About to Get Ugly

The teachers who sparked the “red state revolt” are facing their toughest challenge yet.
Rex Santus

Kamala Harris wants to tax the 1 percent to give public school teachers a big raise

The Democrat 2020 candidate called the surge of teacher strikes a reflection of our “national failure” to properly compensate educators.
Rex Santus

Denver teachers’ first strike in 25 years is over

"This agreement is a win, plain and simple, for our students; for our educators; and for our communities," said the union president.
Rex Santus
Late Capitalism

LA Teachers Are Helping Kids Learn Even as They're Striking

Some parents have no choice but to send their kids to school, even if they support the strike. But teachers and parents are also setting up co-ops to keep things moving.
Sonja Sharp
VICE News Tonight on HBO

This is why teachers in Los Angeles are on strike

More than 30,000 members of United Teachers Los Angeles walked out Monday over chronically underfunded public schools.
David Noriega

How West Virginia teachers showed their power at the ballot box

Almost 90 percent of teachers' union–endorsed candidates won their primaries Tuesday.
Chelsey B. Coombs
oklahoma teachers strike

Oklahoma teachers aren’t happy their union ended the walkout after 9 days

“OEA is disgraceful if they accept this as a 'win' for the students and educators of Oklahoma”
Chelsey B. Coombs

​Detroit’s Massive School Protests Are the Latest Signs of a National Education Crisis

The teacher protests in Detroit are just the latest in a year of educational tumult across the US as money from state and federal governments dries up.
Peter Moskowitz