Tech Bros


Bernie Sanders declares war on Amazon's CEO with BEZOS Act

"Don't see this as some kind of Sanders personal vendetta against Bezos. It's not," the senator told VICE News.


Google listed “Nazism” as the ideology of the California Republican Party

"Nazism" appears as the first "ideology" of California Republicans in the "knowledge box" of search results.


Florida Girls Are Pissed That Hipsters Stole LaCroix from Them

"Stop appropriating my Fort Lauderdale slut water!" said one native who has drank the sparkling water since the mid-2000s.


What It’s Like Writing Pickup Lines for the Rich Dudes Who Outsource Their Dating Profiles

Turns out flirting with women your mom's age is a decent side-gig for students.


The Six Types of People Who Will Ruin Burning Man Just by Being There

A handy guide to the people you should run away from when you see them in Black Rock City.


'Silicon Valley' Has Turned into the 'Office Space' Sequel We Need

Finally someone is treating capitalism as a joke.


The Tech Evangelists Trying to Solve the Refugee Crisis

An international movement called Techfugees aims to get the tech industry involved in aiding the nearly 60 million displaced individuals around the globe.


San Francisco: Where Violent Street Gangs and Silicon Valley Tech Bros Coexist

There's gang violence on the same street corners where gentrifiers are paying thousands of dollars in rent.


Delhi Just Banned Uber After a Driver Allegedly Raped a Passenger

The area once known as the rape capital of India has another horrific high-profile crime on its hands.


Obama's Campaign Mastermind Is Helping Uber Take Over the World

Uber has been taking the country (and much of Planet Earth) by storm. But they're pissing a lot of people off in the process, which helps explain why they just hired the guy who sold Barack Obama to America.


How To Be a Landlord in San Francisco

Being a landlord in San Francisco is like being a coke-dealer in the 80s. People are basically throwing money at you for doing nothing. It’s like finding a cauldron of gold doubloons buried in your backyard. It’s pretty sweet.