tech harm reduction

tech harm reduction

This Is How Screen Time Affects the Developing Human Brain

Most teens currently spend an average of 9 hours a day looking at screens.
Jean Twenge
mental health

I Got a Landline to Save My Brain

Yes, it is I, the only millennial in America with a home phone number.
Sydney Mondry

Actually Talking to People May Be More Meaningful Than You Think

"It's not so much that technology and nonverbal communication is bad, but that verbal communication is unique."
Glynis Ratcliffe

An Ode to Two Dots, the Game That Eases My Anxious Mind

In Two Dots, the goal is erasure. It’s a game with just the right amount of strategy and luck to make it compelling, satisfying, and calming.
Gila Lyons

The Way You Hold Your Mouse Could Be Causing Wrist Pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome, thumb tendinitis, and more can result from a bad grip.
Matt Jancer

To Some, Mindfulness Feels too Whitewashed to Embrace

Can being more inclusive change the elitist vibe?
Ankita Rao
tech harm reduction

Texting Culture Is Giving All of Us Anxiety

Here's how to calm down when you're waiting for a text.
Ankita Rao
tech harm reduction

A 5-Second Adjustment to Break Your Phone Addiction

Methods like these are becoming increasingly crucial to our well-being.
Ankita Rao
Samantha Cole
tech harm reduction

This Is What Texting While You Watch TV Does to Your Brain

Here's how to get your mind right.
Markham Heid
tech harm reduction

An Ode to These Extremely Chill Ads on Instagram

The mesmerizing videos of rainfall make me feel content enough to stop scrolling.
Susan Rinkunas
tech harm reduction

Our Brains Need Phones That Only Let You Do One Thing at a Time

We can't multitask, but our devices demand that we do.
Shayla Love
tech harm reduction

We Talked to People Who Work in Tech About How They Manage Screen Time

The irony of a Silicon Valley leader setting a no-phone rule.
Jesse Hicks