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A 'Totally Unlivable' House Near Silicon Valley Just Sold for $1.2 Million

The condemned home in the San Jose area had buyers lining up, cash in hand.
Harry Cheadle
Tech culture

When a $200,000 Tech Salary Just Isn't Worth It

A new study cites 'unfairness' as the leading factor in why people bail from tech jobs.
Michael Byrne
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ANOHNI Said She Regrets Working with Apple on "Drone Bomb Me" Video

"My being bought as a politically outspoken artist is a more potent advertising tool for Apple than a 100 more explicit ads."
Alexander Iadarola

This "Startup Simulator" Game Lets You Disrupt the Tech Industry

Innovate, hire, and fire—a simulator game where everyone can be a startup founder.
Ysabelle Cheung

This Startup Wants Godless Robots to Make All Your Pizza

By adding robots to the chain of events that stretch from dough rolling to actual delivery, Garden says he can disrupt the pizza industry.
Alex Swerdloff
san francisco

San Francisco Climate Tax Raises Questions About Tech’s Carbon Footprint

Residents wonder whether Silicon Valley’s tech giants are paying their fair share to save the local environment.
Sarah Emerson
Silicon Divide

Why Does Silicon Valley Want to Get So Many Women Pregnant?

Investors hope fertility apps will help women deliver healthy babies, but what they also hope users will deliver is a lot of sensitive data.
Sarah Emerson
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Mark Zuckerberg Wants the Supreme Court to Uphold Obama's Immigration Policy

The Facebook founder and other tech leaders signed a court brief asking the Supreme Court to side with President Obama in letting some undocumented immigrants stay in America.
Arielle Pardes

The Tech Evangelists Trying to Solve the Refugee Crisis

An international movement called Techfugees aims to get the tech industry involved in aiding the nearly 60 million displaced individuals around the globe.
Kaleigh Rogers

Why Are Redditors and a Cyber Bully Trying to Take Over San Francisco's Sierra Club?

Can you #GamerGate a nonprofit? One San Francisco pro-development group intends to find out.
Kevin Montgomery

'Status Update' Captures the Evolution of the Bay Area

Gathered by curators Pete Brook and Rian Dundon in partnership with Catchlight, the work of 14 photographers documents the many facets of the region.
Doug Bierend

The Changing Face of Shenzhen, the World's Gadget Factory

Inside the megacity where 90 percent of the world's gadgets are made.
Tim Maughan