Ted Turner

    • 7.28.15

      Gordon Solie, Wrestling's Lost Voice, Still Lingers

      For generations of wrestling fans, Gordon Solie's voice was what wrestling sounded like. Solie left when things got corporate, but he's still around in other ways.

    • 7.24.12

      Before Andruw Jones Was Fat, He Was Good at Baseball

      Not to get all James Murphy on you or anything, but I was there. I was there, in 1996, at the first World Series that Andruw Jones ever played in. I told him, “Adjust your stance. You’ll never even tip it away.”

    • 4.17.12

      Off Hollywood - Joe Dante

      The creator of "Gremlins" and subversive anarchic film "Gremlins 2" has a "healthy distrust of establishment conventions."