Teen Suicide


American Pleasure Club Detail 'Fucking Bliss,' a Difficult, Long-Dormant LP

The follow-up to last year's magnificent 'A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This' was recorded in 2015, but remained unreleased. We're premiering the record's first single, "what kind of love?"
Alex Robert Ross

Sam Ray Knows What Heaven Feels Like

Listen to "This Is Heaven and I'd Die for It," the third single from American Pleasure Club's 'A Whole Fucking Lifetime of This.'
Alex Robert Ross
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Stream of the Crop: 6 New(ish) Albums from the Holiday Break

Albums from Jeff Rosenstock, CupcakKe, and Lil Wayne made Christmas and New Year more interesting.
Noisey Staff
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Teen Suicide Become American Pleasure Club and Release a Surprise New Album

Listen to 'i blew on a dandelion & the whole world disappeared' here, then look out for a full debut from American Pleasure Club in the new year.
Alex Robert Ross
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Greed is Highly, Highly Contagious

But the news isn't all bad.
Mike Zimmerman
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Ricky Eat Acid Starts an Impromptu Dance Party on "Nice To See You"

His album is out October 28 on Terrible Records.
Meilyn Huq

The Scariest Part About America’s LGBTQ Suicide Epidemic Is What We Don’t Know About It

Public health agencies are failing to properly collect data on LGBTQ suicide and health risks—and the marginalized suffer as a result.
Jared Keller

Trying and Failing Spectacularly: How Sam Ray Defines the Indefinable

Talking music, myths, and heroin with the mastermind behind Teen Suicide and Ricky Eat Acid.
Emma Garland

Clay Rossner Has Been Photographing the Vinyl Revival and, Honestly Guys, It's Beautiful

Here's Mac Demarco’s 'Salad Days' surrounded by greenery and an ashtray full of stubbed-out cigarettes, and trinkets and diary notes dotted around Sufjan Stevens’ 'Carrie & Lowell.'
Emma Garland
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Teen Suicide's New Single "The Stomach Of The Earth" Is a Danceable Ode to Purgatory

Hear the latest song from the Baltimore band's 'It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot.'
Max Mertens