Nationwide Outage Meant AT&T Customers Couldn't Dial 911

Police across the country reported the issue on Tuesday morning. Last year, AT&T was fined $5 million for outages that prevented 911 calls in 2017
Joseph Cox
Silicon Valley Diversity

The Congressional Black Caucus Is Asking Silicon Valley Why It's So White

The political organization sent a letter to technology and telecommunications lobbying groups about diversity last month.
Sarah Emerson

Democrats are trying to make Republicans pay for net neutrality’s death

Massachusetts Democrat Sen. Ed Markey introduced a resolution on Friday that could force Republicans to get on the record about net neutrality or not.
Noah Kulwin
net neutrality

Sen. Ron Wyden explains the “nightmare scenario” of no net neutrality

Before Sen. Ron Wyden knew for sure that the Federal Communications Commission would kill net neutrality on Thursday, he still thought the repeal was a bad idea.
Alex Thompson
Kathleen Caulderwood
Exported Surveillance

The UK Granted Spy Tech Export to Turkey Amid Its Massive Crackdown on Dissent

Turkey has ordered over a hundred media outlets to close, jailed journalists, and most recently demanded the arrest of a senior Amnesty International employee.
Joseph Cox
Commercial Space Race

OneWeb Wins FCC Approval to Launch a Fleet of Internet-Beaming Satellites

The company, backed by Richard Branson, wants to blanket the Earth in 720 satellites offering fiber-quality internet speeds for rural areas.
Jason Koebler
Carl Franzen

How to Track What Congress Is Doing on the Internet

A new tool aims to monitor what government workers look at online.
Louise Matsakis
humans of the year

Carrie Goldberg Is Fighting Revenge Porn One Court Case at a Time

“I am one of my clients.”
Farnia Fekri
Mistakes Were Made

Convicted TalkTalk Blackmailer Warns Young Hackers About Falling Into Crime

Daniel Kelley had an interest in computers, but says there were not many opportunities for him to develop it.
Joseph Cox
humans of the year

Deb Socia Wants Your City's Internet to Not Suck

The executive director of Next Century Cities is leading a coalition to promote municipal broadband.
Nicholas Deleon

What Went Wrong With Google Fiber?

Google Fiber won’t save you, people, so maybe it’s time to take matters into your own hands.
Sam Gustin

Power Plants Are Hackable Because Employees Are Still Using Pagers

Many use the vintage gadget to send and receive unencrypted messages, leaving huge systems vulnerable to infiltration and attack.
Joseph Cox