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READ: Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro's letter demanding answers on kids moved to unregulated tent city

The growing number of kids being shuttled to Tornillo reportedly get no formal schooling and have limited access to legal services
Emma Ockerman

Sheriff Joe is now officially Criminal Joe

Tess Owen

Arizona is housing prisoners in a tent city and it’s 117 degrees

Tess Owen
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Housing Activists Are Setting Up a Tent City in Vancouver

A few days after a homeless camp in Victoria was ordered to leave, Vancouver might get its own protest camp.
Sarah Berman

This British Columbia Tent City Is About to Get a Flushing Toilet as Calls to Shut it Down Grow

Seven months in, the camp on the grounds of a Victoria courthouse was once seen as a symbol of British Columbia's growing housing crisis and wealth divide. Now it has fewer supporters than ever.
Sarah Berman

Inside the Tent City That Fought the Government and Won

Campers say they've got nowhere to go, and a British Columbia Supreme Court judge recently agreed—at least temporarily.
Sarah Berman
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Beijing Supporters Clash with Pro-Democracy Camp in Hong Kong

Demonstrators recently set up a tent city blocking key areas of the city's financial hub, and sparks flew as a large pro-Beijing group responded with a counter-protest.
Liz Fields

The Homeless Forest Dwellers of New Jersey

Tent City is a patch of forest where anyone can live for free. Some people love living there without heat or electricity. But others—like the leaders of Lakewood, New Jersey—want to drop a bomb on it.
Samantha Melamed