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Ben Lee and Ted From 'How I Met Your Mother' Have A Band, Unfortunately

Separately, you know Ben Lee and Josh Radnor as mediocre white guys. Together, they're Radnor and Lee, and they make music together.


Welcome to Hell: The Definitive List of the Literal Worst Dance Covers on YouTube

This is the worst the internet can offer. This is truly culture's nadir.


'Rolling Stone' Announced That It Messed Up Its Huge UVA Rape Story

A horrific story about rape has turned into a bizarre parable about the perpetuation of misinformation in the media.


Why Do So Many Soft Drinks Taste Like Teletubby Blood?

The land of off-brand soda is vast and largely uncharted. The tastes these beverages hold exist only inside of their cans and can't be found anywhere else in the whole world. It’s like a Willy Wonka of weird water, and I found a golden ticket.


Cake's Former Drummer Was Just Found Guilty of Child Molestation

Happy International Day of Happiness! Everything is terrible!