This Video Game Teaches You to Be a 'Winemaking Tycoon'

The game even simulates the unpredictable weather patterns of France’s Bordeaux region.


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Terroir goes deep in the caves of France.


Making Terroir with Cow Horns, Manure, and Lunar Rhythms in Quebec

We headed down to Les Pervenches vineyard in Farnham, Quebec with sommelier Emily Campeau, to talk terroir and biodynamic winemaking.


This Cheese Shop Owner Might Refuse to Sell You Cheese

“The biggest thing we found when we came to this country to sell cheese was that people don’t like to wait,” says Alex Guarneri, French-born owner of London's Androuet fromagerie and seasonal cheese advocate.


Global Warming Could Be Good News for French Winemakers

According to new research published in the Nature Climate Change journal, recent increases in temperature are helping French vineyards to produce better wine.


This Survey Says That No One Really Understands What Sommeliers Are Talking About

A new survey of 2,000 drinkers has compiled a list of the top ten wine terms people have the most trouble understanding, with “herbaceous” and “terroir” coming out on top.


Why Some Mexican Wine Smells Like Raw Meat

The most notable characteristic of Baja wines is that most are really big and powerful. A lot of people attribute salinity to wines down there, and consequently a leathery, very intense, raw meat, salty flavor and aroma.


This Restaurant Wants You to Pair Wine with Perfume

Marco Valentini, an Italian living in Mexico, pairs wine with peculiar things: textures, cars, neckties, and tourist destinations. And now he's matching wine with perfumes.


Your Uneaten Hotel Breakfast Is Now Feeding the Homeless

A Montreal-based site is connecting hotels and caterers with shelters so that uneaten banquet food won't be tossed into the trash.


Newfoundland's History Tastes Like Salted Cod

I’m an eighth-generation Fogo Islander. We were salt cod people and we’d rarely eat fresh cod, because why would you eat that when you have salted cod? It’s just better.


This Trio Is Remaking Swiss Cuisine, One Pig at a Time

Zurich's Hood Food pop-up dinner series aims to reshape how Swiss people approach their food. The latest dinner celebrated the Swiss tradition of Metzgete, a pig slaughter and roast in nothing goes to waste.


Amsterdam’s Milk Bar Wants You to Drink Milk Like Wine

MelkSalon, a pop-up milk bar in Amsterdam, is helping change contemporary notions of milk-drinking altogether. For one month, you can sip on pure, creamy white milk and rub elbows with Dutch farmers at the same time.