terror in paris


Suspected Paris Attacker Salah Abdeslam Has Been Charged With 'Terrorist Murder'

Abdeslam, who was captured in Brussels on Friday after four months on the lam, reportedly plans to fight extradition to France.


Four Officers Wounded During Anti-Terror Raid in Belgium Linked to Paris Attacks

French and Belgian authorities are engaged in a standoff with at least two suspects in a suburb south of Brussels.


Germany Still On Alert After Tip About Possible Islamic State Terror Attack

German officials said they received a “very concrete” tip hours before midnight that militants from Iraq and Syria were planning attacks in Munich.


Investigation Uncovers New Details About How the Paris Terror Attacks Unfolded

A French newspaper has reconstructed what happened during the attacks after accessing 6,000 official records from the ongoing investigation.


Parisian Gunman Sticks Up Jewelry Store Near the French Presidential Palace, Steals a Million Dollars

The brazen heist took place in one of the most heavily guarded areas of the French capital, and comes after other lapses in the president's security, including a guard whose gun went off in the palace's bathroom.


French High School Student Who Tweeted Support for Islamic State Sentenced to Three Years

The student also threatened to kill a French imam known for his moderate stance and closeness to the French Jewish community.


Obama Just Explained How the US Should Respond to Acts of Terrorism

In a rare address from the Oval Office, the president called for tolerance with Muslims and vowed to defeat the Islamic State without waging a ground war.


After Paris Attacks, White House Toughens Security for Travelers to the US Without a Visa

The Obama administration is also seeking to expand a "pre-clearance program" in foreign airports to allow American border officials to collect and screen biometric information before visa waiver travelers can board airplanes to the US.


In Photos: Anarchists Clash With Riot Police During Climate Summit Protest in Paris

Thousands of protesters defied the state of emergency that was imposed in Paris in the aftermath of the recent terror attacks, but what began as a peaceful demonstration eventually turned violent.


The Paris Attacks Could Cost the French Economy 2 Billion Euros

Cultural and tourism sectors have taken a huge hit in the French capital due to numerous cancelations after the terror attacks that killed 130 people on November 13.


Anthrax Scare at Brussels Mosque After Suspicious White Powder Forces Evacuation

The discovery of several envelopes containing a white powder feared to be anthrax prompted the evacuation of a major mosque in Brussels near the EU headquarters.


The Defense Bill That Obama Just Signed Will Make It Harder to Shut Guantanamo

The US president noted that operating Guantanamo is a huge waste of taxpayer dollars and is inconsistent "with our interests as a nation and undermines our standing in the world."