Call Courtroom 'Testilying' By Police What It Is — Perjury

A Baltimore cop faces perjury charges for lying about the beating of a suspect, but police aren't held accountable often enough for the lies they tell courts.


After a Police Dog Bit His Leg, This Protester Was Jailed Thanks to a Cop's Testilying

The expensive consequences of New York City's heavy-handed approach to policing protest have been on display lately, with video evidence playing a key role. But what happens when there's no footage to disprove shady testimony from corrupt cops?


Testilying: Cops Are Liars Who Get Away with Perjury

Misrepresentation, deception, and outright lying appear to be part of a police officer’s job description, so much so that the term “testilying,” now common vernacular for police falsifications, was actually coined by NYPD officers as something of an...