testing drugs

    • 8.22.14

      This Doctor Wants to Provide Quality Control for Your Illegal Drugs

      The market for illegal drugs has no regulation, so it's hard to know if you're getting what you think you are. Dr. Fernando Caudevilla, who moonlights on the deep web as "Dr. X," will chemically test your drugs before you take them—basically, quality...

    • 8.6.14

      Meet the Human Guinea Pigs Who Test Your Meds

      Who are the people going through trials of untested drugs? Martyrs for medicine? Students who dropped their entire loans on kegs and mini fridges? I signed up to a clinical trial so I could meet them.

    • 4.30.13

      Internet Psychonauts Try All the Drugs You Don't Want To

      If you're looking for a new hobby and get a kick out of taking newly synthesized designer drugs before anyone else in the world, why not become a psychonaut? Sign up, and you'll be able to get high on drugs that aren't even regulated yet. Which sounds...