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The New Lie-Filled Booklet Texas Abortion Doctors Must Offer Their Patients

Texas' updated abortion counseling materials contain a litany of specious, misleading statements—including an implied link between abortion and breast cancer or suicidal thoughts.


The Radical Changes to Expect After SCOTUS' Major Abortion Decision

On Monday, the Supreme Court struck down one of the most severe abortion laws in the country. Will that be enough to protect women's access nationwide?


Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion clinic restrictions in major pro-choice ruling

In a 5-3 ruling, the court set a new national precedent and overturned a 2013 Texas law that would have forced abortion clinics in the state to close.


Desperate for Abortion Care, Women in Texas Are Pawning Their Wedding Rings

Texas's draconian abortion restrictions have forced over half the clinics in the state to close. According to abortion providers, the consequences for women have been dire.


Director of One of Texas' First Abortion Clinics: 'We're Going Backwards'

We talked to Aralyn Hughes, a second-wave activist who worked at Austin's first abortion clinic in the years following "Roe v. Wade," about why she became a feminist, what it was like to offer abortion services in the 70s, and how the abortion debate...


A Pregnant Pause As SCOTUS Considers Texas Abortion Case

Women anxiously waiting at a Houston abortion clinic this week, hoping the clinic wouldn't be forced to close before they could end their pregnancies.