textile art


It's a Teddy Bear Bar Mitzvah at This Museum Exhibit

All teddy bears go to Heaven in Charlemagne Palestine’s stuffed animal world.


Game of Thrones' Greatest Moments Are Tangled in This Tapestry

Ireland's tourism board commissioned a massive tapestry that details every episode of the series.


Tiny Felt Creatures Dabble in Leather Culture and Business Casual

Polish artist Misz Ajdacki left behind a life in finance to make his little anthropomorphic animals from wool.


Still Lifes of Stars and Stripes "Truck Nutz" Are Peak 'Murica

"They seemed to speak some very specific ideas of American masculinity and patriotism. I guess it's just a simple way of saying, 'Look at my big balls!'"


Incredible Knitted Moths Could Go in a Natural History Museum

Max Alexander turns Shetland wool into scientifically accurate depictions of various moth species.


New York's All-Felt Bodega Has People Going Bananas

Lucy Sparrow opens the cutest corner shop in the Five Boroughs.


Activist Sweater Art Knits Truth to Power

Lisa Anne Auerbach turns her protest sweaters into site-specific knit wallpaper with an edge.


The World's Master Craftspeople Are Coming to This New York Festival

Take a workshop and celebrate the art of crafts this weekend at Brooklyn's Craft in Focus Festival.


Hand-Knit Paintings Weave DNA into Algorithms

Channing Hansen uses algorithms to guide him as he knits his pieces, which, in their final form, he likens to being in a quantum-like state of uncertainty


An Artist is Building a Bodega Where All the Products Are Made of Felt

Lucy Sparrow crafts a fully-functioning felt mini mart in New York City.


A Peruvian-American Artist Weaves Her Story into Sumptuous Rainbow Yarn Art

Sarah Zapata weaves warm, fuzzy yarn installations that demand critical thought.


Massive Hand-Stitched Embroideries Show the Kardashians' Last Supper

Nico Mazza’s hand-stitched textiles compare religious iconography with popular culture to construct personal identity.