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A Frame-by-Frame Breakdown of a Man Falling into the River Thames

What can we learn about ourselves from this viral video of a man falling over? Nothing. It’s just funny. Stop trying to learn things about yourself.
Joel Golby
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An Ass on the River: Pulling Back the Curtain on the £5million Punk Burning

After all, what is more punk than a well oiled press campaign for a shit bonfire only attended by bored journalists?
Oscar Rickett

Artist Turns Boat into Mirrored Art & Sound Installation

Inspired by the Fluxus movement, a former freight boat will becoming a floating polyhedron sculpture for reflection and debates.
Kevin Holmes

Four Horsemen of the Environmental Apocalypse Arrive in London

To highlight our damaging dependence on oil, hybrid sculptures sit on the banks of the Thames in Jason deCaires Taylor's 'The Rising Tide.'
Kevin Holmes

House Music, Swastikas, and Hand Jobs: I Went to a Fetish Boat Party in the Heart of London

Kink fests are alive and well on the Thames.
John Lucas

The Men Who Spend Their Nights Urban-Fishing in London's Canals

We talked to two urban fishermen who camp alongside the Thames to catch and release everything from carp to eels.
Marcus Thompson

London's Dining Scene Is Killing Off Jellied Eel Shops

Jellied eels have long been an emblem of London's working class cuisine at pie and mash shops—but now they're being replaced by hip restaurants that threaten to put them out of business for good. Apparently, jelly is so last century.
Maya Oppenheim