When Did England Abandon Its East Coast?

A new four-part series looks at England's misunderstood eastern side, starting with Margate and Dover.


The Paranoid Style in British Politics: Inside the UKIP Spring Conference

Global warming denial, homophobic literature, and leaflets claiming that foreign aid is actually spent on "giving dance lessons to Africans" were just the tip of the iceberg.


A DIY Skate Park in England Was Demolished by Local Killjoys

Skaters had been building "Little Oasis Crazy Skate" for eight months before the Margate council destroyed it.


Twotom Likes Smiles Even More Than Penises

Vice: Your stuff is supergay. Who are all the handsome boys in your drawings?


Living, Dead

10,000 Filipino families live in this massive graveyard in Manila. I recently spent five days walking among its residents taking photos and hearing stories of struggle and survival.