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Colorado Might Be the Only State Having a Rational Response to Vape Panic

Instead of banning sales, regulators are trying to figure out what's actually causing harm.


No, Weed Nerds Ropes Aren't Going to Be Given to Kids on Halloween

Even if they were: I, a person who accidentally consumed too much of one just last week, can assure you that it would be fine.


There Are No 'Hidden Dangers' to Weed Legalization

It's inaccurate to say that we're not concerned enough about the health impact of legal weed.


Michigan Ends Kids "Vaping Fruit Loops" with First Statewide Ban on Flavored E-cigs

“Companies selling vaping products are using candy flavors to hook children on nicotine," said the governor.


The Weed Breathalyzer Is Coming

As legal weed becomes a reality, researchers, startups, and law enforcement are racing to figure out how to test for THC intoxication.


Will Smoking Weed Affect My Anxiety?

The stronger the cannabis you're smoking, the more likely you are to experience adverse side effects.


Scientists Find Evidence of Dank Weed at 2,500-Year-Old Funeral Site

Cannabis residue was found in braziers at an ancient high-altitude cemetery.


What Would it Be Like to Get High on Mars?

A very thorough answer to your very stoner question.


This Company Claims It’s Created the World’s First Weed Breathalyzer

Hound Labs says blood and saliva tests aren’t fair ways to detect cannabis impairment.


I Got High to See if I Could Legally Drive Under Canada’s New Impaired Driving Laws

Since legalization, the Canadian government has imposed strict THC limits for drivers, but most people don’t know what they mean.


Luxury Weed Tourism Is the Hot New Trend in Canada

Who wouldn’t want to hike while smoking a blunt in the Rockies?