The Aliens


Navy Test Fire Successfully Freaks Out Los Angeles

The world is somehow still intact.


If You're Going to Read Plays, Read Annie Baker's

Annie Baker, who won the Pulitzer for her play The Flick, believes that “every single person on this planet is a genius and an idiot” and “any given person you walk by on the street could be brilliant and also deluded and insane.”


If We Want to Find Aliens, We Need To Look at Weirder Planets

Planets and moons hosting life might not be Earth-like at all, argues MIT researcher.


How Life Harvests Light Even in Total Blackness

Should we be hunting a whole new sort of alien life?


It's Time To Go Deep Sea Diving on Europa

With the discovery of more hydrogen peroxide, chances for finding life on Jupiter's moon are getting even better.


Jill Tarter Has Just Spent 35 Years Leading the Hunt for Extraterrestrial Intelligence: Interview

Jill Tarter has been leading the hunt for extra-terrestrial life at SETI for the past 35 years. On May 22, she announced that she would be stepping down, leaving a search that's become more helpful that ever since the discoveries of thousands of...


How Science News Travels In the Alien Zoo

There's a paper "posted": to the internet now that, since getting somewhat randomly "picked up": by the Guardian, is making the...